Kadence Livers

Primary Sport: Basketball

Position: PG/CG

Class: 2025

Height: 5’7”

Location: Bardstown, KY

High School: Bardstown High School

AAU: Lady Vision

Athlete Email Address: eliselivers@gmail.com

Other Sports Played: Soccer & Track

Social Media: Instagram: @kadence_livers11 Twitter: @kadence_livers


What would you like to tell the recruiting community about yourself? I would tell the recruiting community my most important qualities off the court that transfer over to how I compete in all of the sports I play. One very important trait would be my attitude towards the game even in setbacks that might be upsetting. I have confidence in myself and my team no matter what happens and communicating this to them is very important. That’s what leaders do. Always setting a good example no matter where I am because you never know who is watching is very important and is something I try my best to do no matter what I’m doing.