Kaylie "KD" Dunn

Primary Sport: Basketball


Class: 2023

Height: 5’7″

Location: Nickelsville, VA

High School: Twin Springs High School, Lees McRae College signee

AAU: Kentucky Dream & Kentucky Premier

Athlete Email Address: kaylikddunn2023@yahoo.com

Other Sports Played: 

Social Media: Twitter – @KayliDunn2023 / Instagram – @kayli_kd_dunn / Facebook – Kayli Dunn

What would you like to tell the recruiting community about yourself? I would love for the community to know that I am extremely driven to achieve every goal I set for myself. My current goal after receiving my college scholarship is to become a starter on the Lees McRae women’s basketball team and push my teammates to elevate their games to produce a winning season. I would also love the opportunity to continue to represent the company through college and demonstrate to younger female athletes that no matter how small your school or your hometown, you can achieve your goals of becoming a college athlete at whatever level you chose, but it takes hard work, dedication and consistency. I would love for everyone to also know that my plan is to continue the free basketball training throughout not only my career, but throughout my entire life which is a way to give back to the community who provided so much support for me.