2024 Kentucky All-Stars:
A Look at the Seniors

Each year, there are a select number of senior girl’s basketball players who earn a coveted spot on the Kentucky All-Star team. These players will play against the Kentucky Junior All-Stars in preparation for the big event: a 2-game series against the Indiana All-Star team. Below, you can read about the players named to the 2024 Kentucky All-Star team.

Trinity Rowe

Photo by Tonia Witt Photo

High School: Pikeville High School

College (if committed): Southern Miss

2023-24 Stats: 16.2 PPG | 2.8 RPG | 49.6% FG | 40.1% 3-Pt FG | 88.7% FT

Notes: The 2024 Miss Kentucky Basketball, wearing the #1 jersey for the Kentucky All-Stars, is a top-notch floor general with exceptional court vision and playmaking skills. With an impressive 40+% accuracy from beyond the arc in the last 4 seasons, she excels as a versatile scorer and a true leader on the basketball court. You won’t find many players more vocal than Rowe at any level and you will be blown away by some of the passes she’ll make. Expect her high IQ and facilitating to be on full display at the All-Star games.

Reagan Bender

Photo by Tonia Witt Photo

High School: Sacred Heart Academy

College (if committed): University of Louisville

2023-24 Stats: 13.5 PPG | 3 RPG | 44% FG | 32.1% 3-Pt FG | 80.2% FT

Notes:¬†Bender has accomplished the incredible feat of winning a state championship every single year of her high school career – an astounding achievement that very few players can claim. She can knock down shots from anywhere on the court and has been a huge part of the Valkyries’ success over the last 4 years. She’s no stranger to playing alongside and against top-tier talent, which has only helped to hone her game to an elite level. Bender is staying home and taking her talents to UL next year where she will look to keep her championship streak alive.¬†


Graphic by Alyx White

High School: Hart County High School

College (if committed): Campbellsville University

2023-24 Stats: 29.1 PPG | 5.7 RPG | 55.7% FG | 41.4% 3-Pt FG | 74% FT

Notes: Bradley put up some of the best numbers in Kentucky throughout her senior season, tallying over 900 points in 31 games. In fact, she led the entire state in scoring and had the 33rd best field goal percentage. She’s a versatile scoring threat who can also create for teammates. Bradley had to take over a lot for her high school team, but she is a very unselfish player overall. She can contribute in every statistical category and broke multiple school records throughout her high school career.


Photo from Social Media

High School: Frederick Douglass High School

College (if committed): Central Michigan University

2023-24 Stats: 15.3 PPG | 11.4 RPG | 60.4% FG | 66.7% 3-Pt FG | 63.9% FT

Notes: Darrington was a standout rebounder in Kentucky last year, ranking among the top 25 in the state. However, her impact goes far beyond just the statistics. She is truly one of the top rebounders in the entire state. Darrington is a true 2-way player who makes things happen on both ends of the court. Defensively, Darrington is a disruptive force around the rim. Her ability to block and alter shots is a game-changer. On the offensive end, she has a lot of moves she can turn to and a solid jumper she can knock down to extend the defense.


Photo by Tonia Witt Photo

High School: Mercer County High School

College (if committed): Thomas More University

2023-24 Stats: 26 PPG | 6.3 RPG | 53.6% FG | 29.3% 3-Pt FG | 75.1% FT

Notes: Drakeford was an absolute game-changer in her senior season. Early in her high school career, she showcased her skills as a true point guard. She would constantly create opportunities for her teammates and was an excellent facilitator. While she retained those skills, she had to take on the majority of her team’s scoring responsibilities in her final high school season. Drakeford responded to her new role by putting the state on notice, finishing as the 4th highest scorer in Kentucky this past season.


Destiny Jones

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High School: Central High School

College (if committed): University of West Georgia

2023-24 Stats: 23.6 PPG | 11.7 RPG | 59.6% FG | 35% 3-Pt FG | 54.3% FT

Notes:¬†Jones was all over the state’s leaderboards in her senior season, finishing as the 8th in scoring, 19th in rebounding, and had the 11th-best field goal percentage. She could be relied upon for a double-double in nearly every game throughout her high school career and consistently impacted the game in significant ways beyond just scoring and rebounding. Jones always shined the brightest in big moments, and you can expect to see that in the All-Star games.

Jasmine Jordan

Photo by Tonia Witt Photo

High School: Boyd County High School

College (if committed): Rio Grande

2023-24 Stats: 19.6 PPG | 10.4 RPG | 55.2% FG | 39% 3-Pt FG | 76.9% FT

Notes: Jordan has been one of the more underrated players in Kentucky the last few years. The way she stepped up and led one of the top teams in the state in scoring and rebounding was so impressive. Jordan uses her length very well on both ends of the court. She has shown toughness defensively while constantly expanding her offensive game. Jordan can do a lot of damage in the post, but she can also stretch the defense with her ability to knock down shots all the way out to the perimeter. Finished her senior season in the top 40 on the state’s leaderboard in multiple categories: scoring, rebounding, and field goal percentage.


Photo by Tonia Witt Photo

High School: Butler High School

College (if committed): Jacksonville University

2023-24 Stats: 15.2 PPG | 7.1 RPG | 49.2% FG | 36.6% 3-Pt FG | 83.7% FT

Notes:¬†Knight is a big difference-maker on the court. She can truly contribute in every statistical category. Knight can play and defend multiple positions. She can be a matchup nightmare because of her ability to post up down low and score through contact while also being able to step out and knock down 3’s. True 3-level scoring ability. As much as she can contribute on the boards and scoring the ball, she also is a strong passer and shot blocker. I’ve watched Knight play multiple times since her freshman season and I can honestly say I’ve walked away impressed every single time.

Angelina Pelayo

Photo by Tonia Witt Photo

High School: Sacred Heart Academy

College (if committed): UNC Wilmington

2023-24 Stats: 10.6 PPG | 4.6 RPG | 62.2% FG | 57.1% 3-Pt FG | 60.6% FT

Notes:¬†Pelayo, like Bender, is in the very rare group of players that can say they won a state championship each of her 4 years of high school. She was pivotal in the Valkyries unprecedented success throughout her career. I honestly believe she was often the secret weapon for SHA. Pelayo was her team’s primary presence down low, often having the task of guarding some of the top posts and centers in the state. She did a great job finishing around the basket on the offensive end and was constantly moving to get good positioning around the basket. Ultimately, a very reliable player on both ends of the court.

Shaelyn Steele

Photo by Tonia Witt Photo

High School: Russell High School

College (if committed): Penn State University

2023-24 Stats: 21.1 PPG | 6.2 RPG | 42.2% FG | 31.5% 3-Pt FG | 77.2% FT

Notes: Steele had a highly decorated high school career at Russell High School. She has been a reliable scorer and rebounder since seventh grade. I spoke to multiple college coaches about her a couple of years ago, and they had very high praise for the versatile guard. Steele is super athletic and can do it all on the court. An excellent defensive stopper, she truly dominates on both ends. She can handle any pressure as a ball handler and would constantly find ways to score despite being face-guarded and double-teamed.

Abby Varney

Photo from Social Media

High School: Barren County High School

College (if committed): Georgetown College

2023-24 Stats: 17.8 PPG | 6.3 RPG | 49.7% FG | 37.1% 3-Pt FG | 75.7% FT

Notes:¬†Varney’s stock rose every year of her high school career. Simply put, she’s a reliable, solid threat on both ends of the court. Her team relied on her to do most of their scoring, and even though opposing teams knew that, she could consistently create offense for herself and her teammates. Varney led her team in every way. She is far from selfish and has a lot of craftiness in her game.¬†She has a quick handle that allows her to get a step on defenders, and once she creates that space, she can score effectively at all 3 levels.¬†


Photo by Tonia Witt Photo

High School: Butler High School

College (if committed): Virginia Tech

2023-24 Stats: 11.9 PPG | 7.6 RPG | 57.4% FG | 22.2% 3-Pt FG | 62.2% FT

Notes:¬†White held multiple P5 offers for a reason. In addition to her size, she has good strength and touch around the basket.¬†She also has good hands on both ends of the court. White makes things very hard for opponents defensively because if you get into the paint, she’s ready to block any shot that’s put up. It was clear she had put in a ton of work to be well-conditioned this season, allowing White’s numbers to be even tougher than previous seasons despite playing alongside another D1 post player.¬†

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