Sara Jenkins

Primary Sport: Basketball

Position: PG

Class: 2027

Height: 5’7”

Location: West Liberty, KY

High School: Morgan County High School

AAU: Artic Rush (white 2026)

Athlete Email Address:

Other Sports Played: Softball & Soccer

Social Media: Twitter: @sarajenkins608; Instagram: @sarajenkins608

What would you like to tell the recruiting community about yourself? I would like to tell the recruiting community that I’m willing to work and get better every single day. I see the court like a chess board, with every move and cut there’s a sequel of consequences that unfold. I love to attack the rim and see the defenses closing in on me just to open up passing lanes for me to give the ball to my teammates for them to score. Defensively I find joy in guarding the ball, having control over whether the offensive player goes left or right. Or if the ball gets stripped from them before they even touch half court. I would finally like the recruiting community to know that I’m obsessed with the game of basketball, I love studying the film and reviewing the opponents’ statistics before each game.