The Classic has become one of the premier GBB events during this live session and there was no shortage of talent at the Kentucky Expo Center this past weekend. With 48 different courts and 500+ teams, it’s impossible to see everyone play, but we did our best to catch a variety of different games throughout the tournament. Now it’s time to discuss some of the players that stood out to us in the games we got a chance to watch this past weekend. We covered the 2024 divisions yesterday, so now it’s time to take a look at some of the teams we caught in the 2025 divisions.

2025 Example Sports UAA

  • Noelani Dunn (2025)
    • Dunn was putting the ball in the basket so well. She has such a quick and high release on her shot; she could knock down triples even with a defender running at her. Aggressive drives, tough finishes, knocking down shots. High motor. Really impressive defender. Strong handles. Can push the pace and makes good passes.
  • Amaya Henderson (2025)
    • Potential is so high for this 6’3” post player. Lanky, athletic frame. Probably could’ve secured rebounds only using her length, but instead of doing that, was elevating to grab them off of the rim. Showed she can not only finish at the rim, but can also take a few steps out to knock down jumpers. Elevated over defense to get clean looks.
  • Shania James (2026)
    • James plays with no fear. Quick and crafty. High IQ. Recognizes when she can push the pace. Can finish in different ways inside or out. Doesn’t need much room to pull. Great handles. Forces the defense to make a decision. Relentless defender.
  • Roxy White (2025)
    • Good size and strength. Comfortable handling the ball. Moves so well without the ball. Made some fantastic passes. Knocked down shots, but also scored inside. Active hands defensively.


  • Kennedy Holman (2026)
    • Such a smooth and crafty PG. Some of the ways she scored were so tough. Can beat everyone down the court at times. Fearless on her drives. Showed an ability to create space. Doesn’t let pressure bother her at all.
  • Brooklynn Renn (2026)
    • Really long frame. Crashes the boards and fights for rebounds. Doesn’t have to immediately get rid of the ball and is comfortable dribbling out of traffic. Constantly moving on offense – sets screens, sees gaps, moves out of the way when teammates drive.
  • Kayla Stidham (2026)
    • Knockdown shooter but works to get good looks. Really moves to the openings on the perimeter and is ready to pull as soon as she catches the ball. Also had some strong finishes around the basket. Solid defensively and crashed the boards well.

2025 Legends U S40

  • Maddie Moody (2025)
    • Moody is a tough match-up because she’s stronger than a lot of the players she faces. She has really good size and can finish through contact around the basket. Makes some excellent catches and has good hands overall. Also a strong rebounder.
  • Kira Reynolds (2025)
    • Reynolds is super long. She uses that length to get into the passing lanes to grab steals and to block or alter shots as a defender. She made strong drives to the basket and finished well on both sides of the rim. Even when the defender stayed with her, she was able to shoot over or around them. Rebounded well also.
  • Madison Parrish (2025)
    • Long and lanky frame. Had some really strong, crafty finishes in the paint and at the rim. She has a good shot and can knock down jumpers inside or outside of the perimeter. Rebounds and defends. Isn’t afraid to take contact.

2025 WV Thunder Select S40

  • Kilah Dandridge (2025)
    • Dandridge is a really tough player overall. A true playmaker. Poised with the ball and has strong handles. Facilitates the offense. Keeps eyes up and sees the floor. Strong. Recognizes when to score and when to pass. Can score inside or out.
  • Allie Daniels (2025)
    • Daniels has good size and strength. She has a lot of moves that she can use to score around the basket. Finishes strong and through contact. Keeps ball away from defense. Runs the floor, has good hands, makes solid passes, and is an excellent rebounder.

IGB 16U Rise

  • Jaeda Wilson (2025)
    • Wilson was making some really nice plays to score in a variety of ways. Strong pull-up jumper. Great facilitator. Works really hard and has a high motor. Disruptive defender and strong ball handling skills.

Lady Vision 2025

  • Kadence Livers (2025)
    • Solid floor general. Makes good, strong passes. Was driving into gaps to force defense to step over and then kicking to teammates. Knocked down outside shots and pull-up jumpers on top of getting to the rim. Was applying good pressure defensively.
  • Albertine Cyuzozo (2025)
    • Has good height and length. Can use length to get steals, deflections, and blocks. Really disruptive defender. Applies full court pressure. Made some good passes. Showed an ability to score inside or out. Finished on both sides of the rim and stretched all the way out to the perimeter to knock down threes. Secured rebounds.
  • N’Mya Summers (2025)
    • Very active on both ends of the court. Active hands defensively led to multiple steals. Finished some tough shots in the paint. Made some excellent passes in transition.

Richmond Heat 2025

  • Cameryn Ridderikhoff (2025)
    • Just smooth overall. The lefty is a knockdown shooter with deep range. Doesn’t shy away from contact on drives and was sinking her free throws. Made good passes and found openings on the perimeter. Got herself into good rebounding positions and was securing the ball when it came off the rim.
  • Brittany Campbell (2025)
    • Facilitates, handles pressure, and can score at all 3 levels. Far from selfish, really wants to get her teammates involved and create for them. Handles the ball well and isn’t rattled with pressure.
  • Tiana Long (2025)
    • High motor. Never had to question if she was playing hard. Was one of the smallest players on the court and probably had 10 rebounds from pure hustle and effort. Made some good drives. Quick and has good handles. Slid feet well defensively.

Kentucky Premier 16U West

  • Ryan Burden (2025)
    • Really showed her versatility and ability to play multiple positions. Made good cuts without the ball and also made good passes when help defense collapsed on her inside of the perimeter. Strong and has deep range on her shot. Can score inside or out. Was making strong drives to the basket and saw the gaps in the defense.
  • Aubrey Packer (2025)
    • Good length and very solid inside on both ends of the court. Was constantly working in the paint when she didn’t have the ball. Crashes the boards strong and was consistently going after rebounds. Ability to finish on both sides of the basket. Runs the floor.
  • Ella Finley (2025)
    • Solid guard skills allow her to bring the ball up the floor or play off of the ball. Made strong passes and handled the ball even when being pressured. Great hustle plays. Strong box outs and was holding off the opponent to help her team secure rebounds. Knocked down outside shots and made strong drives to the basket.

2025 MWBC 16U Gold Stienke

  • Faith Martin (2025)
    • Quick and shifty guard skills. Pushed the pace and controlled the tempo for her team offensively. Got crafty on her drives. Knocked down outside shots. Solid passes. Applied great pressure defensively and wasn’t making anything easy. High motor.

2025 Louisville Lady Aces

  • Madelyn Curtsinger (2025)
    • Strong and was dominating on the boards. Really went after rebounds and secured them well. Has good handles and uses her body to keep the defense away from the ball. Made good passes. Strong drives to the basket and was driving with a purpose. Shot/ball fakes were extremely effective.
  • Addison Soutar (2025)
    • Long and active. Really runs the floor well. Showed ability to make tough catches in traffic. Kept the ball high and finished well on both sides of the rim. Grabs rebounds off of the rim. Made good passes to her teammates. Excellent shot blocking abilities.
  • Kylie Downey (2026)
    • High basketball IQ. Has the skills to play PG or SG. 3 level scoring ability. Made strong drives and didn’t shy away from contact. Sees the floor, finds the gaps, and then creates for her teammates.
  • Susan *Raeann* Nix (2025)
    • Nix was a big offensive threat for the Lady Aces. She catches ready to shoot if she has even a little bit of space and she can really knock down shots with deep range. She also was able to get her shot off quickly off the dribble and did a great job of creating the space to get good looks. Great shot fakes and strong drives to the basket.

Arkansas Lady Bandits 16U NE2K

  • Dixie Williams (2025)
    • Knockdown shooter with good range. Good ball handling skills allowed her to play PG or SG. Recognized when to push the pace and saw when there were gaps to drive to the basket. Had good finishes on both sides of the rim. Wasn’t forcing shots and made some great passes.

2025 Lady Dynamite

  • Addy Gish (2026)
    • Good PG skills. Can push the pace and recognizes when she can get a step on her defender. Strong handles and makes good moves with the ball in her hands. Showed an ability to score at all 3 levels. Gave up good shots if it led to great shots for her teammates.
  • Brooklyn Gibson (2026)
    • Versatile player. Can make things happen on both ends of the court. Really solid defensively. Good rebounder.
  • Grace Goldman (2026)
    • Great length. Can play inside or out offensively. Always in good help position defensively. Solid moves down low and strong finishes at the rim, but also has a great outside shot. Cuts strong. Was holding off players on her box outs.

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