The Cardinal Classic was an excellent 2 day event put on by GRC in the first ever WBB scholastic live period in June. There were so many talented teams and players competing in the first Cardinal Classic, and so many college coaches in attendance to check out those talented players. Here’s a look at some of the standouts from the last two days.

Article Written By Tonia Witt

George Rogers Clark

  • Khania Jones (2025)
    • Jones new to the GRC roster is a solid addition to their frontcourt. She isn’t afraid to get to the basket. Jones has a soft touch around the rim and is able to finish under contact. 
  • Kennedy Stamper (2027)
    • Stamper the floor general for GRC proves time and again why she is one of the top ranked players in the Class of 2027. She controls the pace of play, finds the open players, knocks down the outside jumper and despite her size can finish at the rim. She is poised to have a big year and she definitely one to keep your eyes on.
  • Ciara Byars (2025)
    • Byars is set to make a name all of her own with big sister Brianna headed to Cincinnati to play for the Bearcats this season. Already a household name Byars continues to elevate her game on both ends of the floor leading the Cards in scoring and rebounding. She’s improved her midrange game and continues to be a disrupting factor in the defensive end. What’s most impressive is her teammate mentality and willingness to share the ball. 


  • Mari Gerton (2025)
    • Gerton was impressive with her aggressiveness to get to the basket and ability to find her shot off the dribble and was a problem for defenders. She wasn’t afraid to get after it on the defensive end of the floor and was always in the mix for loose balls.

Ashland Blazer

  • Ella Sellars (2024)
    • Sellers is a player that can do it all. She is constantly looking for the shot or an open teammate. She can score at all three levels which made it tough for defenders. She’s a kid who hustles and never takes a play off and 5’10” her guard play will translate nicely at the next level.
  • Jaidyn Gulley (2024)
    • Gulley is constantly looking to attack the basket and her on-ball defense is one of the best in the state. She poses a problem for other teams because of her versatility, listed at 5’9’ she can easily play and guard multiple positions. She’s been impressive each time I have seen her play.
  • Gabby Karle (2026)
    • Karle is just a freshman but already making a name for herself in the 16th Region. She’s a floor general who can shoot and isn’t afraid of contact. She is constantly in the mix for rebounds and loose balls and can get hot from the outside in a hurry.

Christian Academy of Louisville (CAL)

  • Mariah Knight (2024)
    • Knight can play on both ends of the floor and stretches other teams’ defenses. Other teams have a hard time matching up because she is always on the move and can knock down shots around the rim and on the perimeter. Court vision for a big is impressive.

Barren County

  • Abigail Varney (2024)
    • Varney is a tough defender and can put the ball on the floor and score at all three levels and can be deadly if she gets hot from beyond the three-point line. She was really impressive this week and proved why she’s one of the top players in the 4th Region.

Boyd County

  • Audrey Biggs (2024)
    • Biggs is a nightmare matchup for teams because she can score at all three levels. Her game form is starting to show after sitting out much of the season last year with an ACL injury. While she can finish around the basket and knock down the three balls, was most impressed with the consistency of her mid-range game. You can tell she’s been putting in work. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see her name a lot this season.
  • Jada Ray (2027)
    • Ray is just a freshman but plays with a lot of poise. She has great court vision and looks for the open lane to attack and has a nice outside jumper. She’s a kid that never lets up on the defensive end. I think what impresses me most about Ray is her body language never changes, good play or bad play, she moves on to the next. Keep an eye for this one.
  • Taylor Bartrum (2024)
    • Bartrum has excellent skills ball handling skills and creates a shot for herself when needed. She never takes a play off and gives 100% on both ends regardless of the score, always looking to get teammates involved.

Bath County

  • Ashtyn Barrett (2024)
    • Barrett picked up where she’s left off this summer. She scores at every level while looking to get teammates involved. She makes it difficult for her defender to stay in front of her. She plays through contact and handles pressure well. Not only can she score but handles the ball under pressure.
  • Bayley French (2027)
    • French is constantly on the move and makes defenders try and keep pace. Active on defense. Despite her size she plays through contact and isn’t afraid to take it to the basket. Nice range on her jumper. Keep your eye on this young one.

Mercy Academy

  • Leah Macy (2025)
    • Again, proving her ranking as a top player in the 2025 class, Macy at 6’2” can play all 5 positions. Without a true point guard Macy was heavily relied upon to bring the ball up the court, her ballhandling skills don’t disappoint. She is active around the rim and rebounds at a high clip. This week I was most impressed with her outside shooting and her mid-range with a hand in her face. While she already has 36 offers in the bag look for more to follow.
  • Abby Reitzel (2026)
    • Reitzel has put in offseason work to become a better ballhandler and this week it showed. She continues to show why she is one of the top players in the Class of 2026. She has great court awareness and can know down the shot. This kid has a lot of upside.

Owensboro Catholic

  • Aubrey Randolph (2025)
    • Randolph left me wanting more last season and this summer she has delivered. With the development of an outside jumper, I can say she is becoming a special player. She can now score at all three levels and her on ball defense leaves teams figuring out how to get by her lengthy wingspan. Randolph will most certainly make some noise this season as they make a run at the All ‘A’ Classic and Region 3.
  • Hailee Johnson (2024)
    • Johnson is an active defender, getting her hands on loose balls, she’s a guard who isn’t afraid to go after a rebound. She likes to create her shot and has a solid pull-up jumper. Nice ball-handling and decision making, all around good week for Johnson.


  • Kallie Housley (2024)
    • Housley can score all over the floor, she’s a shifty guard that has a wide range of shots in her bag including a pull-up, long-range three, floater and can finish around the rim. This is a high IQ kid that knows the game and uses it to her advantage. Just when you think you get a break she harasses you on the defensive end.
  • Kylie Clem (2025)
    • Clem listed as 5’8” uses her size and length to her advantage and isn’t afraid to take contact to finish at the rim. She has a quick release on her jumper which makes it hard for defenders to guard. Clem reads the floor as well as any guard I saw this weekend. Keep an eye on her progression throughout the season.

Notre Dame Academy

  • Maya Lawrie (2025)
    • Lawrie looked like the scoring threat we saw glimpses of last season. She was making plays in and around the paint and wasn’t afraid to attack the defender. Her long wingspan makes it a problem for defenders. This kid has great upside and could make a big impact in the 9th region this season.

Bullitt East

  • Aubrey Packer (2025)
    • Packer works hard from tip to horn. She is constantly working on getting in position for the rebound and on the offensive end has soft hands to make the finish. She is long and athletic and uses it to her ability. She should be a name in the 6th Region this year that is brought up time and again this season.

Madison Central

  • Nataya Strader (2025)
    • Strader’s on ball defense is what caught my eye, she never lets up. She’s a guard that can finish at the rim with ease and isn’t afraid to bump and grind. She proved she has deserved her climb in recent rankings. Look for her to make some noise this season.
  • Cameryn Ridderikhoff (2025)
    • After sitting out at the varsity level last season due to transfer rules Ridderikoff has quickly made her presence known. She always plays under control and is never rushed. She’s a playmaker that finishes at the basket or knocks down the three. At 5’10” and her long wingspan creates issues for many backcourts.

DuPont Manual

  • Ashlinn James (2026)
    • James does all the little things to make her teammates better. One of the Top 10 players in her class in the state and you will quickly see why. She does all the little things; deflections, rebounds, plays with high energy on both ends of the floor and can score at all three levels, high IQ and isn’t afraid to attack the defense on the interior. All-around player that will continue to move up that ranking list.

Franklin County

  • Leia Hogan (2025)
    • I’ve seen Hogan play several times and continue to be impressed with her true gritty play. Aggressive on the offensive end and works hard on the defensive end. I’m not sure I’ve seen her take a play off. She can create shots for others and get downhill in a hurry. Keep an eye on Hogan as the year progresses she and the Lady Flyers are definitely poised to make some noise in the 11th Region.
  • Ma’kiyia Wheeler (2027)
    • Wheeler is just an incoming freshman but she looks like a seasoned veteran. Her ballhandling skills under pressure are impressive. She has high IQ and will only get better over time. She has good court awareness and isn’t afraid of contact as she gets to the rim.
  • Juliana Frazee (2025)
    • Frazee is a physical post player that score around the rim. She runs the floor extremely well and is constantly communicating with her teammates. She shoots a high percentage from the line. She has a huge upside is definitely positioned to break the Top 10 rankings this season.

Simon Kenton

  • Brynli Pernell (2027)
    • Pernell picked up where she left off at the state tournament last year. She’s an elite ball-handler and is poised under pressure. She has a long range jumper and great vision to work off the dribble to find the open teammate. She’s going to continue to make a name for herself while guiding a young team through the 8th Region as they try and make their way back to Rupp.
  • Haylie Webb (2026)
    • Webb does things that won’t show up on the stat sheet at the end of the night including disrupting the offensive player, deflections, hustle plays. What you will see are points and rebounds. She is extremely active around the basket and will only get better.

South Laurel

  • Shelbie Mills (2027)
    • Mills showed why she’s considered one of the top 2027 players in the state. She has a high basketball IQ, is vocal, and creates for others. Mills is an outside scorer but isn’t intimidated to take it to the basket. She is a name you will hear for years to come.

Montgomery County

  • Savannah Simpson (2025)
    • The newcomer has proven she fits right in this summer. Simpson sits just on the outside of the Top 10 rankings but look for that to change when the new list is released, she’s having herself a big summer. She can knock down the outside jumper and create contact while finishing at the rim. On the defensive end of the floor she can guard 1-5. She’s an impact player to keep your eye on this season.
  • Hayden Barrier (2024)
    • Barrier has reclassed to 2024 and looks to be one of the best players among that group. She does all the little things every coach looks for in a player, dives after loose, cheers on her teammates, gym rat, and gets others involved. Barrier is among the early talk as a 2024 Miss Kentucky Basketball Finalist and there’s no wonder why. She can score at all levels and has deep range but will drive and initiate contact around the rim and finish at the line. Whatever school lands her at the next level is getting difference maker and a special player.
  • Baylee Warner (2027)
    • Warner wasn’t in attendance on day one but on day two it didn’t take long to make her presence known. She can play and guard the 1-5, although just an incoming freshman she will certainly make an impact for the tribe this season. She is crafty around the rim and can knock down the long ball. She clearly isn’t afraid to put in the work and is having herself quite the summer.
  • Elaine Purvis (2027)
    • Purvis is a name you’ll want to remember, not new to the lineup she has played significant minutes since her 7th grade year. She is continually developing her game and working on her ballhandling. Defensively she can get under your skin. Once she’s hot from outside watch out. She has been working to add to her arsenal and looks to be an impact player this year in the 10th Region.

Butler Traditional High School

  • Ramiya White (2024)
    • White 6’4” size and presence around the rim and under the basket. She rebounds and blocks shots in bunches. Her ability to keep the ball high on the rebound allows her easy putback or look for the outlet pass. She has continued to develop her midrange game. Watch for her to make noise in the 6th as Miss Kentucky Basketball talks heat up.

Great Crossing

  • Ava Schureman (2024)
    • Schureman has continued to elevate her game. She has a high release around the rim and active hand. Always seems to be in the right position. I was most impressed with her midrange game. You should hear her name around the 11th Region a lot this season.

Mercer County

  • Anna Drakeford (2024)
    • Drakeford is a name you’ll hear a lot this year. She is a true playmaker and can score from anywhere on the floor. She is a player that brings it on both ends of the floor. She’s never too high or too low, she is making a name for herself by averaging double digits this week.


  • Aubrey Bradshaw (2025)
    • Bradshaw is an active player, from going after rebounds and loose balls to getting in position every possession for an easy bucket. She made the hustle plays and got her teammates involved, and was disruptive on the defensive end of the floor.

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