Kentuckiana Hoops Girls Camp 2023

Kentuckiana Hoops based in Louisville, Kentucky held their first Girls’ Exposure Camp on Saturday, July 29th. The gym was packed with talent and the girls competed from the moment they stepped on the floor. They began the day with some basic station work and went straight into 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 competition. Below you will find some quick takes on each player.

Caroline Lucas, Class of 2024 (CAMP MVP)

5-8 Guard – Breckinridge County

She has a true jump shot and can score at all three levels. She plays at a different level. Maybe one of the most underrated players in her class.

Kaylee Gibson, Class of 2024

5-5 Guard – Knott County Central

She always finds the right pass and controls the pace.

Myranda Perales, Class of 2024

5-4 Guard – Medina Valley (TX)

She is a pesky defender who looks for her shot and isn’t afraid of contact around the paint.

Aubrie Naiser, Class of 2025

5-4 Guard – Allen County Scottsville

She is a pesky player that attacks the basket, plays through contact and is a shooter.

Savannah Triplett, Class of 2025

5-8 Forward – Meade County

She is a hustler on both ends of the floor, can knock down shots and looks for her teammates.

Tabor Boggs, Class of 2026

5-8 Guard – Atherton

She is long and athletic which poses a problem for the offense.

Rowan Radaszewski, Class of 2026

5-11 Forward – Breckinridge County

She has a nice jumper and finishes around the rim with contact.

Natalya Pitts, Class of 2026

5-5 Guard – Marion C Moore

She controls the pace of play, while possessing a nice outside shot.

Laci Tackett, Class of 2026

5-7 Guard – Augusta Independent

She has a nice all-around outside game and sees the floor well.

Maggie Young, Class of 2026

5-4 Guard, Assumption

She hustles on both ends, is shifty around the rim and has range.

Lilly Lyvers, Class of 2026

5-5 Guard, Elizabethtown

She blocks out on every possession, is aggressive. Always looking for the 50/50 balls. Gets downhill in a hurry and can knock it down from long-range.

Kat Cummins, Class of 2026

5-10 Guard – Sacred Heart Academy

She has a soft touch around the rim, handles the ball well.

Kylie Carby, Class of 2026

5-6 Guard – Breckinridge County

She is a smart defender, reading the play and jumping the lane. She also possesses a nice outside stroke.

Paisley Pryor, Class of 2027

5-7 Guard – Edward Lee McClain (OH)

She is active on both ends, very aggressive. She can finish and takes instruction.

Elaine Purvis, Class of 2027

5-8 Guard – Montgomery County

She is aggressive and can get downhill well and is very disruptive on the defensive end.

Carley Boyd, Class of 2027

5-11 Wing – Raceland

She is a long defender, active around the rim and looks for the outlet.

Brynn Brickey, Class of 2027

5-7 Guard – South Oldham

She hustles for every 50/50 ball and can knock it down from deep.

Laila Kelley, Class of 2027

5-5 Guard – Piketon High School (OH)

She brings energy and maintains eye contact when instruction is given, great body language.

Kamilla Marcum, Class of 2027

5-11 Center – Owsley County

She always keeps the ball high on rebounds and looks for the open player, nice footwork around the basket.

Adelynn Moorman, Class of 2027

5-4 Guard – Breckinridge County

She has great vision, with a nice jumper and can knock down the three.

Jada Ray, Class of 2027

5-6 Guard, Boyd County

She has great ball skills and court vision. Defensively, she is sneaky and can bait opponents into a pass for a steal.

Hailey Conder, Class of 2027

5-5 Guard, South Central JR-SR (IN)

She is not afraid to compete. Sees the floor well and is aggressive on defense.

Kourtney Peterson, Class of 2027

5-11 Forward – Scott High School

She constantly talks on both ends of the floor, has great court vision and is unselfish with the basketball. Handles the ball like a guard but plays like a true forward around the basket.

Cami Bickett, Class of 2027

5-4 Guard – Bullitt Central

She can finish around the basket and has a nice outside shot.

Nakiah Meija, Class of 2028

5-5 Guard – Woodland Middle

She has a soft touch on her midrange shot. Her ball movement is good and is not afraid of contact.

Kyndall Dawson, Class of 2028

5-7 Forward – King Middle

She boxes out well, defends and is always looking for her shot.

Karlea Stanley, Class of 2028

5-7 Guard – Johnson Central

She is an aggressive defender with quick hands and good court vision. Can get downhill in a hurry and create at the basket.

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