Olivia Atwood: The harmony between sports and music

By Jacob Pratt

Somerset Christian sophomore Olivia Atwood is one of the best setters on the volleyball court in the Lake Cumberland area. When not using her voice on the court, Atwood uses it in another way, to express herself through music.

Atwood is a name that people in the state should take note of, not only for her hard work through both of her passions, but also because of how bright a mind she has. Despite how time-consuming both passions are, Atwood finds doing both very enjoyable.

“It can be challenging at times, but because I am so passionate about both volleyball and music, it is very enjoyable for me! I also have a wonderful support system who encourages me along the way,” she explained. For Atwood, the sophomore who totaled 809 assists this past season on the way to being named to the Commonwealth Journal All-County team, her journey with music started at a very young age, while her volleyball journey started in a much different way.

“At an early age, my dad encouraged me and my brother to pursue music. I began singing before I even began school! After beginning to work with my vocal coach, Maria McNeil, I immediately fell in love with both singing and songwriting,” she stated. “As for volleyball,” she continued, “A good friend of mine encouraged me to join the team at school and I decided to take her up on it. I’ve been playing and enjoying the sport ever since!” Atwood has also learned things in her musical aspirations that she applies to her volleyball life and vice versa. For two fields that are in very different realms as far as the state of Kentucky is concerned, that shows to not limit yourself to just one thing.

“Volleyball has taught me to be committed to a goal, to be resilient and in light of mistakes, you should always continue to persevere, as well as wonderful leadership skills. All of these things have worked together to make me a better teammate and leader. Music has given me the confidence to step out and take risks, which translates over to my volleyball career,” she elucidated.

A two-sport athlete in a different kind of way, Atwood will continue to grow in both paths she is taking in life. For those interested in keeping up with her music, you can find it on all major platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube. Although her volleyball season is over, Atwood will be busy as we flip the year to 2024.

“I am so excited to be going into the studio the first of January to record two new original songs! For those who are interested in updates for my new music, you can follow me on Instagram at oliviasings.1,” she stated.

You also can check out her latest single called “This Is My Home,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Atwood certainly has a bright future ahead of her, no matter where life takes her.

By Alyx

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